Quick Create Account and Contact in Quote Module.

There is a bug when you create a quote and use the Quick Create option to create an Account. After creating the account and you move to the Contact field, use CREATE again to Quick Create a new contact for that new account. In the create contact form, the new Account name is correctly populated in the Account name field. However when completing the contact details it says the account name is invalid, even though it was auto populated. You have to click search again and lookup the account name and select it from the list of accounts in order for it to accept the account name with the new contact.

Hi there,

Is this the quick create form, or the quick create option in the top right section of the navigation?



Hi Will
It is in the Quick Create Form. See attached.
I create a quote, add an existing account and then want to create a new contact for that account. I click the arrow for Contact, Click the Create Button, it opens the Create Contact form and auto populates the Account Name in the contact but If I try to save it , I get the message No Match for field - Account Name, see the red on the right.