Questions before choose

Hello i use vtiger + listcolor plugin + pdf maker plugin
i want to know if i can evaluate to migrate too suitecrm because :

  • vtiger is a nightmare for community
  • update roadmap isn’t good
  • i am joomla power user (certified administrator, and contributor) i link that suitecrm like joomla!

do you think i can have all features of vtiger in suiteCRM ? or i need to paid for some extension ?
do you have some recommandation for migration process ?
do think about acymailling integration ?
thanks for your return

I think there are probably all features available, but you’d have to be more specific if you want a specific answer.

Do you have any plans to invest some money in the migration and customization? You could get a very professional job from SalesAgility itself (tell me if you want to be contacted for a quote). You can aim for spending all the money in the initial stages, get everything right, and get a system without ongoing costs (no licenses).

I can also help you doing it yourself, with no consulting services. No problem. I just want to figure out what is the route you prefer.

I don’t know what “acymailling integration” is…

listcolor = color line in list vues depend of state of quote for exemple
pdf maker si more powerfull (Relatedlist tables Define pdf filename Send email with PDF Generate PDF from ListView)
acymailling is the best newsletter/marketing component for joomla

what did you need for a quote migration ?
maybe a search some tutorial about migration if quote is too big lol

I don’t think there is a VTiger to SuiteCRM migration tutorial… CRM migrations are not easy things you can just write a tutorial for.

We can send you an email (using your email registered here at the forums) to discuss a quote for services.

As I said, I also answer everybody here for free, so if you decide it’s too much for you, you can try to do the project yourself or hire somebody else, no problem.

Listcolor is a pretty simple customization to achieve in SuiteCRM with a little coding (

PDF Maker would need to be integrated - I would advise really trying to use the inbuilt PDF editors and possibly adding some custom functionality to get what you need. This should be easier/cheaper than a full integration with a different software.

Acymailing would need to be a full integration. You can search the SuiteCRM Store to see if there’s anything like that already made, but I don’t think there is…

abut pdf maker you mean add to core or custom dev ?

I don’t know, you tell me :slight_smile:

I am not familiar with PDF Maker. I was thinking of custom code integration, but if it’s free and open-source, and you can integrate it with SuiteCRM, and it’s better than our current PDF editor… then sure, why not?

how did you need for a quote migration ?

I just need your permission to email you. So, now I understand you want to be emailed and I will ask a colleague to do it. :slight_smile: