Question on the Compatibility Matrix for SuiteCRM 7.8.17 and PHP 7.2


We recently upgraded out php from 7.0 to 7.2 and are running SuiteCRM version 7.8.17. Unfortunately I checked the compatibility matrix after the php upgrade and am having some Joomla/CRM issues.

Is 7.2 just not supported for Suite until 7.10, or will it actively break it as I’m seeing with creating portal users?


It really isn’t supported, and it really will raise some problems.

Maybe the simplest thing is to just revert to an older version of PHP? That shouldn’t be too complicated.

If you want to dive into the code, you can see the trouble areas, the ones that are giving new errors in your logs, and examine the new code on those files in 7.10, to see how we adapted it to PHP 7.2.

You can also scan Github for the PRs applying those changes, and back-port them to 7.8. Here is just one example, there could be more