Question for SalesAgility: SuiteCRM 7.8 Roadmap

Question for SalesAgility: The roadmap says that SuiteCRM 7.8 was due for October 2016 but, now it’s December and it has not been delivered yet, while other releases (up to 7.7.8) of 7.7 have been released.

Is 7.8 still to be expected?

It’s only because we had planned to upgrade to that version so we have skipped the latest releases.

If 7.8 is due soon (1 or 2 weeks) we will continue waiting otherwise we will upgrade.


Any hint?

I would expect 7.8 towards the end of January.


Matt, it’s a pity that “Bug Blitz” was removed from the Roadmap for 7.8.

I believe it would be very beneficial if that was still something in the calendar for this project, I hope you’re still planning to do it even though it’s not written in the Roadmap… even a mini-bug-blitz would help.

So do I, but its now a much smaller release than originally planned, but we will fix as many bugs as possible and I hope to have a major bug blitz on the cards very soon

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