Question about email


I have a Suite CRM installation and I am very happy with it. But I have an issue that I hope you can help me with. It is the latest version.

I have a corporate email address linked to gmail, so that when somebody sends an email to, it goes to, and I receive the email, and when I write an email from or reply to a received one, the customer sees in the header that the sender is, not

The way to do this is use to login to google the username and having the linked to and changing the from field in the mail application configuration.

Coming back to SuiteCRM, I have configured the server settings for mail, so that it uses gmail configuration, provide the login credentials ( and setting the email address as

If I send an email from SuiteCRM, the from field in the received mail shows The question is: how can I set SuiteCRM to not show the gmail reference, but company name or something different instead?


Are you sending emails from “System” Account or User account?

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User account. From system account doesn’t happen.

There are 2 places where “From” field coming.

  1. Settings under user profile ->Outgoing SMTP Mail Servers
  2. Email address under same profile section.

You must have set up your GMAIL in one of place out of above 2.