login user can see only account which is created by self and also have option to see other records,

i want to automatically filter account records from quick search on the basis of login user, in list view of account, so he can see only itself created records and after that if he wants to see all account then he can clear filter option, so he can see all accounts, but i don’t know how can i implement this, i want to modify quick search, it automatically selected login user as assign user.

Maybe all you need is the “My Accounts” dashlet, where you will see the Accounts that are assigned to a specific user. Then, if he goes into the actual accounts module, he’ll see everything.

You can try customizing the Accounts Dashlet to better fit your requirements.

Thanks for reply pgr,

I dont want to customized dashlesh, i want to customized quick search when list view call account is autometically filter and display those record which is assigned to login user and if user want to see all record then user need to clear search then all record will display

I’m afraid I really don’t know the answer you’re looking for…

What version of SuiteCRM are you using?

Have you seen the Saved search features in the filters?

i use suitecrm 7.9.1
i wan to auto filter list view according to login user in account module listview