Query Relating to reports

Hai Team,
I need small issue while working with the reports.
Like i wanted to sort the status count statring from highest to lowest. It would be helpful if someone can help me out i have put screenshot for your reference.
Thanks Vinay!


What’s your conditions of your report and chart?

type of chart is bar chart, x-axis leads- status, y-axixs leads-id

it is done thank you

Just set the Sort of the ID to ASCENDING or DESCENDING. :slight_smile:

Screenshot_2020-06-15 SuiteCRM(1)

Thanks for help
another help i needed where can i change the height and width of the change

No problem. To help others can you mark the post as the solution by clicking the … under the post and select Solution?

For resizing I’m not sure how to do it without core customisation. But if you want to do it on your screen to take a screenshot for a report etc, you can use the browser console tools and increase the canvas size and click on the chart (that is the trigger to resize the chart).

I changed the height=“500” and width=“1000” to make it bigger looking. But this will only affect this report on this open browser.

i do wanted to change globally where exactly on which file i need to change the code

Have a look here in the core code. You should be able to extend this module to be upgrade safe.

I think you can set it to be a percentage of the screen I.e. 80% but try it out. Hope that helps.