putting info from accounts detailview into email workflow template

Hello there - one of my fields looks fine in detailview of accounts but when i extract the variable into an email template it pumps out a really raw bit of code like this:


But detailview shows it perfectly (see attachment) how do i get this info presented correctly in my variable in my email template?
i am looking specifically at there “required parts” field

many thanks,


It is a bug in code. Please register it if it is not registered.

PDF Template has same bug.
Have a look at this post - https://www.suitecrm.co.uk/forum/developer-help/4285-pdf-template-checkbox-multiselect-and-radio-field-fixes


How can we get round it? We cant find where this vairable is stored in CRM to edit it?


n6^,^1^,^0^,^warehouse^,^4" - represent multi select dropdown field values. This field should be related with dropdown list. You can find it by - options attribute of that particular field.

You can uncode it with function - unencodeMultienum of include/utils.php.

Have a look at following file. It might be helpful.

File : modules\EmailTemplates\EmailTemplate.php
method : parse_template_bean

I guess that parse_template_bean replaces variable with values.


Hi Simbaysis, i have just tried to email you but it bounces.

Thanks. Now it is working.