Proper Way of Working With Custom Folder

Hey guys! Is there some documentation about the custom folder? Because it worked for me like twice but most of the time it doesnt… Lets say I take a PHP file from a module, copy it to the custom (of course I create the same folder structure) and then do a repair - rebuild. It doesnt work. When I do the change directly in the php (the original, not the one I moved to custom) it always works… But it will be overwritten on update…

Will you point me in the right direction please? :slight_smile:

EDIT: I am on 7.11.2 on xampp, windows server 2016, php 7.2

Maybe see this

but note that not all files are customizable in this way.

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Yeah I have seen this doc :slight_smile: Very helpful thank you!!! I guess what I was trying to do was one of these files that can’t be edited this way… Thank you!