projects - sup projects

I ran into a situation where it we have a main project, and sub projects.

I was looking at the feature in SuiteCRM where you can have a account, and you can have an account be a member of another umbrella organization.

Is there a way to arrange menus, or a module that appears in the project section that woudl allow for the same feature for projects?

We have mini-projects that are part of a main project. Organization vary between each mini project, and the main project is managed by a main organization.

Can someone suggest if this can be done with in the suitecrm, or woudl modification need ot be done?



I want being my question back again since there has been no reply as of yet.

We are looking to make projects and sub projects, like we have organizations and organization with in an umbrella organization.

We have projects that are sub divided and shared amongst other smaller specialized organization who carry out the mandate.

How can we make this work in SuiteCRM?

Thanks for looking this over and sharing any idea oroptions that you might have.



There are a few things about sub-accounts here:

And the general explanation of organizing accesses is here:

I hope this helps…


Thanks for the idea.

But, this is for accounts and contacts.

I am looking to do this for projects.

There is not a way to have a project be an umbrella project for other projects. Or, I have not seen one yet.



I don’t think that’s possible, SuiteCRM’s project management is just a basic start, you can’t really build serious project management into it. You need a dedicated app for that I think, or at least some changes in SuiteCRM.

But it depends on what you want to achieve, in SuiteCRM, with these projects. Sometimes you only need to track a few things and using a different concept (like Accounts) might work for you.