Projects import v7.11

Dear community,

I was quite a while off from SuiteCRM and now I’m back wit v7.11 Wanted to import a few projects but the import did not work -_> ““Imports aren’t set up for this module type””- A while ago there was a workaround with the project.php [var $importable = true;] but in the actual version there is no such entry…!

Has someone a solution for this?
Please & thanks

greetings from Austria

Look for file:

There you should find a line like this

  public $importable = false; 

Change it to

  public $importable = true; 

Then run a quick repair… and your module should allow imports after that.



First, thanks for answering! I was coscient of this workaround emntioned.
BUT there was/is no definition like this within project.php

So I started searching all php-Files within modules/Project
and there is vardef.php the only php-File with an “importable” entry
But changing its value from “false” to “true” and following repair doesn’t change anything
Imports for projects are stil denied

After adding the attribute noted by @AlxGr you need to copy the file modules/Project/Menu.php into custom folder and then add the content:

if (ACLController::checkAccess('Project', 'import', true)) {
    $module_menu[]=array("index.php?module=Import&action=Step1&import_module=Project&return_module=Project&return_action=index", $mod_strings['LBL_IMPORT'],"Import", 'Project');

Run Quick Repair and Build before testing.