Project tasks sub panel - implement the mass update, delete options

Hi All,
Project detail page we have the project tasks sub panel, I want to customize this sub panel according to us.

Our issues:
Taking more time to assign the tasks to team and update the tasks. (Each time one tasks open and edit)


       In Project tasks sub panel itself implement the check box options to Mass update and Delete options.
       At time multiple task to assign  or re assign to team members.

kindly refer screen shot.

So kindly let me know any possibility to implement this functionality.


There is no plan to implement this, if you wanted to do this you would need to modify the subpanel core functionality/subpanels for the projects/project tasks modules.

Thank you will,

How we can implement?? Its possible to to only for this module. ?

This correct way to do this process.

Have you find a solution for it, i need to implement same thing