Project tasks not appearing in menu

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I was wonder if anyone else is having difficulty in getting project tasks to appear in the navigation menu? I have version 1.7.2 and disabled Russian packs etc, but actually there is no project tasks in the group tab and menu selection. It isn’t appearing as an option. Is there any way I can add this to the navigation ?



project tasks does not show as a module in the menu only as a sub-panel on Projects

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Ok thank you, however I would like to include a navigation item through to the list view of all project tasks is there anyway I can add a link in one of my groups to this or other areas of the website? Eg menu item ‘project tasks’ resolves

I think I can create a quick link to create task but a little stuck on creating a custom navigation menu item.

Thanks guys

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Hi Chris,

You can create a custom _headerModuleList.tpl file in custom/themes/Suite7/tpls based from the file in themes/Suite7/tpls and add in a list item with an anchor/href linking to the Project Task module directly.



For example. under the line:

{if $name == $MODULE_TAB}

add the line:

<li><a href="index.php?module=ProjectTask&action=index">Project Tasks</a></li>



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