Project tasks issues

@pgr Thank you for the response…

How about fatal errors with respect to loading relationship ?

Also i m facing issue with respect to projects , project tasks modules saving after the upgrade… The page goes blank after saving… tried to comment out all the logichooks present … but still the projects/project tasks goes blank after saving

no fatal errors on php log as well as suitecrm log

Not sure how to fix though?

we have upgraded to 7.11.10 version

(I moved this to a new topic since it wasn’t relevant to the previous discussion.)

Some of those FATALs about relationships are safe to ignore. They’re false positives. We just need to eventually remove them from the code so they don’t mislead people.

About the blank screen, check php_errors.log messages, even if they’re not FATAL. If they happen at the moment of the blank screen, they are your best clues.