Project Module Behavior

i’m currently take a look into Project module.

I’m seeing some behavior that i would like to correct and suggest some minor improvements.

1 - Every project task created have all other tasks as predecessor, no chance to select which one(or none) to select.
This is only possible when creating tasks from Gantt
2 - Gantt “predecessor” filed is unreadable because to much predecessor are displayed and “Task Name” filed is too short that is unreadable too
3 - There’s no build in Gantt print function(only printable version from browser) and this will prduce wrong printouts.

I would like to suggest these modifications, and in a while have some hint regarding how to modify the code in order to achieve this.

Please see screenshots.

Thank you

We are making substantial improvements to the Projects module and these will be available in either 7.7 (next release) or the release after. These will be worth waiting for.

Oh it sounds great…like usual over expectations

Does these improvements is already available in the 7.7 beta release?