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Hi all,
I was hoping someone would be able to point me in the right direction. I have been reading through the user manual, and I thought I understood what I needed to do and how to do it… but it seems I was wrong :huh:

What I would like to use SuiteCRM for is the following.
I have 2 projects (schemes) that I am running.
I need to associate a customer/client to a particular project.
Each customers journey with us will involve several steps that I’d like to monitor along the way (I thought these would be tasks?).

So simple workflow.
We receive customer A details. We know they will be assigned to Project X.
I create a new customer (account/opportunity/lead? unsure which is best). In there, I assign them to the particular project.
This instantly creates the task workflow for the customer i.e.
Book in Survey Date,
Survey carried out (marked as completed)
Quote raised and issued
Install booked
Install completed
Handover pack generated
Handover pack submitted.

So each of these tasks would either need a dropdown progress (started/in progress/completed) or a tickbox just to show once completed.
Likewise I’d need additional custom fields in each customer.

I thought I would create a project. Assign tasks to each project, and every time I associated a customer with a project, it would assign each task to them for me to mark as completed.

Apologies if I am sounding confusing, as all I have done is muddled myself up!
Thanks in advance for any help/support


It took me several months to figure out what to do where to go when I moved from my previous CRM into SuiteCRM.
I had to simulate over and over everything I considered basic.

With SuiteCRM you can do it all in several ways.

One way would be to use the Opportunities module and change de sales stages to you needs.
You still need to create your accounts and contacts.
Those will be related to your opportunities.

PS. I am only a simple SuiteCRM user not a developer.

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You could also use the Workflow module to define actions on each task completion. The Projects module and ProjectTask module have fields to indicate if some task / project is completed and you could use it to trigger Workflow actions…

And adding to the good suggestions here, may I ask, any reason why you don’t keep it simple and make those stages simply a custom dropdown field in the Contact (for people customers) or Account (for Enterprise customers)?

So a contact would simply be tagged as “Install booked”, for example. If necessary, changing to this might have a Workflow to generate a Call, for example.

The rest of your work would depend essentially on filtering views (to get everybody that is in a certain stage, for example).

Whether this is appropriate will depend on much “entity” each stage has - whether you can make the stage be just “a tag on a thing”, or actually “a thing” itself.

And forget about Projects, they’re not for this.