I’ve populated the Products module and it’s great for what I want.

I can add the same product to multiple customers from the drop down sub menu within accounts so I can say that x customer has x, y and z books. But is there a way to make custom notes about the product as it relates to that customer.

So I want to add a note saying that we showed this product to the customer on x date, or the customer chatted to me about this product but didn’t like it.

I want to be able to see it from the Accounts module so I can select x account and then see what their interactive with the Products has been, but only see notes raised for that specific customer against specific products, not everyones comment about that product?

Does that make any sense, and I’ve got a feeling there is a way to do it already and i’m just missing it.

I guess adding the products to the notes, so I can select an account and a product when i create a note will sort of do it.