products, created but not shown in the "Products" subpanel of "Product Categories"

Even with Suite7.7.9, the products created in the “Products” subpanel of "Product Categories“ are not related to the category. A product can be created but not shown in the subpanel unless you select the product category in the full form.

Can you submit this issue on Github, I can replicate this :slight_smile:

A workaround I suggest is going into Admin > Studio > Products > Layouts > QuickCreate and add the Product Category to the view. This will allow you to add the category manually when creating a product through the subpanel while the relationship is fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks, Camo. But, adding a field for selection of product category is not a fix yet.

I went through the codes, and found that ‘quickcreatedefs.php’ uses a header tpl. “EditViewHeader.tpl”.

There might be a problem with line 19 in EditViewHeader.tpl.
the code is:

when it is changed to
the relationship is fixed.

There shold be the name of relationship rather than that of module.

Hope it is helpful.

Yes adding the field isn’t a fix, it is a workaround. This will allow you to add the product category while in quick create manually so you don’t have to go into products and change it it there.

Could you please report this bug on GitHub with that possible fix?

I created a gitHub issue for this problem - Tested the fix and submitted a Pull Request.