Products and Recurrent Services


I would like to suggest a new feature that affects the products and quotes modules.

It would be nice you could define two tipes of items lines costs. One for one time prices (as it does work now) and a distinct type for periodical cost services (rents, montly services, etc…)

This way, when you build a quote, you can specify in a separate way what costs are one time, and what costs are, for example, monthly.

I havent been able to figure a way to do it with actual functionality.



I am not sure if i get your point correctly. But if you are looking to have 2 types of line items, 1 fixed price and other monthly prices.

There are several ways to achieve this. Either you can add in a description field that this item is monthly recurring. Or you create a separate field in the line items mentioning One-time or Monthly, And show it in Quote.