Product Services Purchased Subpanel in Accounts to Pull Valid Until (expiration) Date from Quote

Under Accounts module we have Product Services Purchased Subpanel which is pulling Product items from Quotes that are “Closed Accepted”. In the Subpanel Columns, can the Valid Until (expiration) Date from Quotes be shown and made sortable?
The sub panel is populated from a Query function written in modules/Accounts/Account.php, i have added the extra field to be selected via query and did modified the subpanel used to show columns but it does not populate the value. Subpanel is defined at ‎⁨modules⁩/AOS_Products_Quotes⁩/⁨metadata⁩/⁨subpanels⁩/ForAccounts.php

i have spend some time to get the things done, yet i have found a thing. This link can help you to add the expiration column.

The link shared displays a new field from Notes module within the Notes History Panel. The scenario is different in Products/Services purchased where the field (Expiration) needs to be pulled from Parent Quotes Module.