Product Import - Can't Update Records

SuiteCRM 7.7.3 ( Same issue on 7.7.1)

Having a problem updating existing product records.

Initial import works ok

Trying to do an update import just duplicates records

Here are the steps:
Radio selected : Create new records and update existing records
Next > A Dialog Box is Displayed with the message undefined. ‘undefined’
Click OK ( nothing in error logs )

Step 2: Confirm Import File Properties - Appears to function ok

Step 3: Confirm Field Mappings - Appears to function ok

Step 4: Check for Possible Duplicates - Displays Empty Available Fields List

If you continue records are duplicated.

nothing in server logs or sugar or suite logs

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


When importing records for update, the DB Record_ID must be included in the csv file. Only this way SuiteCRM will update the fields of the record with the same Record_ID. Otherwise any new import will include all records as ‘new’, making duplicates.

Best Regards

V Barroso


Do you mean, we need to rename column “ID” as “Record_ID”? OR
Should we duplicate “ID” as “Record_ID” in the CSV?

It would be great if you upload a proforma template.



In the import screen you can download a template (see the attached example for Accounts).

Follow the instructions contained in this file.

The records to be updated must have the same ID as the records already in the Database. If the ID is missing or different from the existing in the Database Suite will created them as new records.

However, in Step 1 there is something wrong with ‘undefined’ in the message box.

I recommend that you check permissions that may be interfering with the import process.

Best Regards

V Barroso

Thanks, This is the same proforma we are using. But the issue remains.

Somebody needs to look at the “undefined” message in Step 1.


hi did you manage to solve this