Problems with opportunities export

I open this post as I am experiencing problems when exporting the opportunity, more precisely, the currency field is populated by a numeric id instead of the currency name, as you can see in the attachment, is it possible to solve this problem?

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I can see what the problem is. Currencies in SuiteCRM are actually stored in a separate table, and that is the ID that indexes the currency table. But the exporter is not recognizing that as a relationship, and just shows you the ID. :frowning:

I can think of a couple of ways of working around this, but before, if you don’t mind me asking for your help to solve your issue ;), since I don’t have much time now and it is the weekend… can you please try to find another module that uses currencies and is able to export correctly? Maybe Products or Invoices or Quotes… if I can see a place where this is done correctly it might be easy to copy the solution to Opportunities module. Thanks