Problems with images after migration

Hi all,

We have migrated SuiteCRM from a Microsoft environment (PHP on Azure + SQL) to a Linux webhost (with MySQL). Everything worked out fine, except for pictures that are migrated: they are not shown properly on contact persons anymore. See the screenshot below.

If I manually upload the picture again, I notice that a new file is created in the upload folder and that is newly created file is always a little bit “larger” than it was on the first environment.

Can this be due to some kind of encoding? I migration issue?

I noticed, when I rename the original jpg-file on my Windows-computer to (%ID%_photo) and upload it via FTP, that a broken image like above is displayed. When I did the same on my previous Windows-webserver, the real image was properly displayed… So I really have no idea what I should do right now to get these migrated images displaying again…


Read this for background information:

I would also check file ownerships and permissions on the upload folder. You need to make sure your web server can read and write there.

The ownership and permissions that get assigned to new files in a folder come from the parent folder; the way they are copied down to children also depends on the SetUID and SetGID bits.

Thanks a lot for this reply… I needed to do some strange coding tricks (add extension .jpg and remove it again), but everything seems to work well now!

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