Problems importing NOTES from Sugar

I have successfully imported ACCOUNTS and CONTACTS from SUGAR to SUITE, but am having trouble with NOTES.

  1. There are 2400 notes in SUGAR, but the wizard is attempting to import only 516. I tried removing the first 516 records from the input, but nothing changed. In fact, nothing imported, and the errors indicated that it had tried the same 516 and they were already in the data base.

  2. Subsequent attempt included errors (in the downloaded errors list) that don’t pertain to notes (NOT IN DROPDOWN LIST, INVALID EMAIL, etc.

Is it possible that the wizard is using a different import file than what I selected?

Why is it only attempting to import 416 records?

I attempted to attach the file, but it was too large.

I wonder if there is something with the 517th record that SuiteCRM doesn’t like?

A weird character? A reference to another table such as Accounts, where that Account doesn’t exist?

You should have some error in suitecrm.log or php_errors.log to give you clues.

If you want to do it directly into the database, this should be some help:

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I removed the first 520 records, and attempted to import the rest. The gauge showed that it attempted to import the correct number of records, but only acutally added 4. The rest rejected due to the errors in the attached file.

Is the input sorted before the actual import? I ask that because there are a lot of ALREADY IN DATABASE errors, even though I removed the 516 records. Other errors don’t pertain to notes.

It looks like you have to clean up your data before you can get it imported. All those issues about emails, dropdown values, etc. need to be resolved manually, I think. SuiteCRM needs to understand the data you’re giving it.

About the “id” errors, I don’t know if you have left-overs from previous imports, you might have to clean them up also. I think that if you omit the “id”, SuiteCRM will create one when importing. This should be ok unless you need those specific ids to match what is in other tables and relationships.

Can you access your database through phpMyAdmin? That way you have more control over the process.

If you see rows in the database with field “deleted” equaling “1”, then you can delete them right away. Maybe your table will look simpler after that.

I am not understanding why the fields from the ACCOUNT table are coming into play. Accounts are not being imported at this time.

I don’t know if Accounts come into play or not, it depends on what your Notes are related to. You can have standalone Notes, or you can have Notes related to Contacts, Leads, Accounts, and other modules.

In general, what I can say is that each record you import might need to reference something else in your system:

  • a related record
  • custom fields
  • custom values in a dropdown
  • etc