Problem with workflow scheduler in database tables

I am having an issue with my workflow scheduler, so I created a new suitecrm and made a fresh install. The scheduler works fine there until I copy over my database and then it stops working again (I am guessing guessing there is a problem in the tables) How do I go about finding which table is causing the problem? I tried using a new copy of the tables for the scheduler and relationships but that didn’t help. Has anyone had this problem before?

Does anything appear in the logs ? does the scheduler show that its running in SuiteCRM ?

In the new install the scheduler works perfectly until i upload the database, there was only one error and it was a permissions error that I fixed and still not working. It has to be something in the database or something? I’m lost.

When you say ‘copy over my database’ what are you doing? Is it a database with the same SuiteCRM version in the config table as the SuiteCRM file structure version? Have you run a Quick Repair & Rebuild?



I am using phpadmin to export the tables from my current / old crm that the scheduler is not working… I then made a fresh install in another directory and created a new database. I imported all the tables from the old one to the new one. That is when the scheduler stops working again (everything else works fine and all leads import in to the new CRM database), But if I dump the tables and put back the sql tables that were there it works fine again…?

And I have done a quick repair and still no fix.


Ok … so here is how I fixed any sort of scheduler problems that were not working. I realized every time I ran the cron job my work flow scheduler always said “last run was - never” If you have this problem don’t rip your hair out like I did for 2 mths. Very simple, go into your myphpadmin and click on the database that is relevant to your CRM. Find the table called job_queue and empty the rows. Once this is done go into your CRM admin area -> repair -> quick database repair tool. Then after that is done run the repair scheduler tool. After this you may need to set some directory permissions, but now go re-make your workflow and manually run the cron.php and VIOLA !!

Hopefully this helps someone because I know it was a 2 month headache for me!