Problem with upgrade: Is the scrap directory even supposed to be there?

I’m having a problem when I try to upgrade from 7.1.8 - the System Check fails because of a permissions problem on the scrap directory.

And, when I look via ftp, I can’t see the files in these directories.

I tried manipulating their permissions, and so did my ISP, but nothing.

I’m starting to wonder…

  1. Is this directory supposed to be in the tree or is it a remnant from a previous installer or updater?

  2. If it’s supposed to be there, can someone send me a zip with the whole directory tree inside it so I can replace the existing scrap folder? Maybe the files are somehow corrupted and replacing them will solve my problem.

You can check with a fresh copy of the SuiteCRM Installer and it suposed to be there, just replace the files with the installer. Have you tried to manually adjust all the permissions that are required for SuiteCRM?

Best Regards