Problem with Reports when I download PDF or export

Hi, I have a problem, I have the last suitecrm version 7.11.18, the problem is that when I make for example quotes, and then I go to quotes report module, and search from example last 5 days, it will show all quotes, but the quotes from today from the same day it shows in the results but not in the PDF or excel, why this is happening? pdf show all records but not from the same day is like DB doesn’t update fast with new information, some days ago it pass the same thing and like 24 hours next it was working pdf was showing the records, what can it be? look image attached: “today records are 2/25/2021”

SuiteCRM Community I know now where is the problem but still don’t know how to fix it, this suitecrm instance by default comes in “date and time” every 15minutes for example 00:00, 00:15, 00:30, 00:45, so I changed this to every 5 minutes, by client request. everything works good, but in the reports when I put a range from 1:00am to 11:55pm records are showing, but when I download PDF is not showing, if I change the range from 1:00 to 11:45pm using 45 as the one that comes default, it shows the same results and PDF show all records. can you help figure out why this is happening? I use this instructions: modify default call duration to 5 minutes (from 15)