Problem with quick edit field - Standard module Calls

Hello Everyone!

We’ve notice that there is a problem with quick edit on standard module Calls.

So, if you try to edit the Reminder field in edit view and you click on the ‘pencil icon’ to edit it, it only show a dropdown with the reminder_time field.

Have you ever been experienced this issue before ?

We’ve also tried this functionality in a clean installation of SuiteCRM and this problem arises.
I am attaching two screenshots.

Could you help me ?

Thanks in advance.
Manuel Bonato

You should disable inline editing.

Hi @bonato.manuel,

This is how it works out of the box unfortunate, you must access the full edit view to edit that component as it requires things on the back end to update, some of which are not triggered by the quick edit. I would recommend like @marcozara93 said, if this causes confusion within your workforce you should disable inline edit on the field. Give me a shout if you need any help achieving that

Thanks you @Mac-Rae for your quick reply.

I’ll try to disable inline-edit for the fields.

Thanks you again.

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If you are a developer and are feeling adventurous, have a look at this function here

it handles all the special cases for fields of different types, this one needs to be added there…