Problem with Open Discovery Search


I have accidenytly executed repair scheduler which deleted the AOS index entries.

I added those back in scheduler with Job - function::aodOptimiseIndex & function::aodIndexUnindexed

To rebuild the index I have deleted folder at modules/aod_index/Index/Index. The folder has apache permission. It does rebuilt those, but I have to do it often as many time search results return blank page.

Please help.


I would also recommend looking at the database tables and possibly clearing out those which store index information.



I had plenty of trouble with those indexes yesterday and I can just give you two pieces of advice (but I don’t know if they will be relevant to you):

  1. I had XDEBUG enabled in php.ini, with profiler, and I was doing big imports; I started getting huge files in tmp, which exhausted my disk space, and which played very badly with AOD Indexes, which were never able to complete until I turned that profiling off. There were errors in sugarcrm.log like this “[ERROR] Unsupported segments file format”

  2. I deleted the Index directory, and recreated it. Not good: no reindexing happened. Just let it create the Index directory by itself and everything will be fine.

I hope this helps (you or someone else coming here in the future).