Problem with installation using softaculous

Hi everyone,

I just finished installing SuiteCRM with Softaculous with seemed pretty easy to me. But after the installation ended succesfully the browser shows every menu item as shown in the picture below. Anyone what the problem could be?

You may want to disable strict standards/ warnings from showing on your instance.

You can do this on your php.ini file
or, type the following line into your index.php file:


Then clearing your browser cache and CTRL+F5 on the page.

Hi John,

Thnx for your reply. I couldn’t find the php.ini but I did change the setting you said on Index.php

The problem fixed for most of the pages. But for some of the pages the error persist. For eg.: on the new user item. Is there a second place where I should change the warning settings?

The only other place I can Imagine this would work would be in your php.ini file

You can follow this quick guide to find the php.ini file’s location:

In your php.ini file, edit the line with “display_errors =”
to be “display_errors = Off”

Make sure that there is no semicolon on the left of the line, as this will comment it out, making it useless.