Problem with geocoding

Hi to all, i have a problem with geocoding after che rule change of google for the api request.
I have a working key but when i try to geocode something it shows me something like:

I really don’t get why shows me something like that. tried with 2 different keys. Same error

suitecrm version 7.9.9


Go through the given link in error_message. You have to enable Specific API for that particular Key that you are using.

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Thanks for the reply, i’ve activated all the api of the account but now the error is:

I really don’t get what i’m doing wrong


Regarding GeoCoding, error suggests that the method they have used are deprecated by Google Map on your SuiteCRM version 7.9.9, I have checked the code and in version 7.10.8 they have fixed this issue (You can test with the latest version if you want to test before the upgrade.). I believe, Whenever you upgrade to the latest version it will be fixed.

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I’ve tried to update to 7.9.17 because it’s the farest update i can go, but the problem remain.
tried this
and put this edit on the code itself, nothing happends. I’m really stuck cause i can’t update to 7.10

I have checked up to Version 7.10.5 version and it was added on a later version.

Either you download those files and replace on your test server make sure you do all changes on your test machine and do a test if everything works fine. you can adapt it.

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Indeed i’ve just tried it. I’ve overrated the old maps file of the 7.9.17 with the latest version. and Actually seems the problem get solved. The test works, i’ve tried to launch the cron url and it works. So seemps problem solved. Thanks a lot


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Hello May I ask for some advice?
I have Version 7.11.6, Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
Got the API code and geocoding test works for any postcode I put in there, BUT, after (admin, Google module) Geocoding addresses on LEADS I get only 1 working result on map. address cache only shows 2 results, Geocoded Counts shows leads N/A 1081 ,OK 1 , No zero results, no invalid request.
Any advice please?
thank you
Mike (Non programming user)