problem with execution of cron.php

Hi to all, i have a strange problem. actually i’ve activcated the scheduled task of crm, i’ve create a bat file with the command:

cd E:\Siti\CRM
php.exe -f cron.php

if i double click on him, all works fine, but if i made a cronjob on the server, an error occured and “can’t find cron.php”. Windows server. 7.9.11 of crm. What could be the problem?

cd only changes directory, not drive.

So you can either use two commands:

cd \Siti\CRM

or you can add a flag to cd (on newer DOSes):

cd /d E:\Siti\CRM

Don’t forget to remove the “pause” when you’re done debugging the batch file :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! worked perfectly!!!