Problem with cronjob (notification)


I first used a VPS server to install Suitecrm v7.10.31. Everything works, only notifications don’t work.

I read the forum and realized that I don’t have a cronjob set up.
Can you tell me how I can create a cronjob for my VPS Ubuntu server?

I saw message for Last successful execution: Never

Thank you in advance for your help …

Hi @borisrristic
Please look at this link:
Maybe it’s helpful.

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If you go to the list of all scheduler jobs (Admin->scheduler), you should see specific install instructions at the bottom of the screen, those are already prepared for your environment.

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I managed to solve it. I get notifications. Now I have another problem - standard. : D

I do not receive a meeting reminder by email, only within the SuiteCRM instance …

How can I solve this?


Any help guys?