Problem with cron running on windows task schedular


I have issue with suitecrm installed on Windows 7. SugarCRM complete upgrade from version 6.5.18 to suitecrm 7.1.

I created the batch file as following
cd D:\Program Files\sugarcrm-4.2.0c\apps\sugarcrm\htdocs
“D:\Program Files\sugarcrm-4.2.0c\php\php.exe” -c “D:\Program Files\sugarcrm-4.2.0c\php\php.ini” -f cron.php

It runs manually from batch file but I created the Windows task scheduler to run everyone 1 minutes as stated from Sugarcrm website, it seems to be running batch file but it is not executing the correct as i do not see any log updated in suitecrm scheduler.

Please help.

I have resolved this issue. Hopefully, this will help other users who use Windows 7 Task Scheduler to run the cron batch files.

Open up the Task Scheduler in windows. Under action tab create the action as attachment.