Problem with AOW WorkFlow and Related Modules

Hi there!

I am looking for days now I cound not find any useful information.

First, all my Workflows a working fine without any Problem. I run SuiteCRM 7.1.4.

As soon as I create a Workflow for my Module “Internal Requests” with a Condition that checks the “Last quote date” from the related Module “Manufacturers Product” to be identical or newer than the “Internal Requests” field “Request date” the Workflow doesnt run anymore.

I guess the problem is the workflow cannot check the record of the related module, because I have also tried to make a simple check if the “Last quote date” is equal to “NOW” and it didnt run neither.

Any ideas or known bugs?

Hopefully you can help.

Attached please find screenshot, because we love screenshots.


Some news!

I think I found a bug in the equal to date function.
When I use a specific date in the equal to value function it uses the date minus 1 in the database.

Attached pls find screenshots.
First screenshot of the WorkFlow in SuiteCRM
Second screenshof out of my database with different value!

So sad!

This bug didnt solved my general problem that you cannot make reference to a related module field in the condition.

Any ideas?