Problem while searching

Hi there

I have a big problem. I have some accounts name with more than one word (Like “Giti Gostar Rahbord”)
When we search any words of this account in global search the system list all results, but when we want to search an account (or any other system record) while we are trying to log a call (or anywhere else) with searching “Giti” or “Gostar” or “Rahbord” nothing will be listed and we have to find it manually. I tried “Giti” but nothing changed. seems there we should type complete name of objects we are going to search. Is it correct? If yes then that’s awful!!!

Try Giti% and tell us if it works.

the “%” symbol works, thank you.
As I have “*” as a wildcard (not “%”), would you please share all possible wildcards in system?

That’s the only wildcard that exists. Some configuration of it is possible, search these forums for