Problem when loading data on custom page

I’ve create a custom module with custom views. However, when trying to edit a record, I can’t find a way to load the data. In the original URL there is an stamp action, along with the recotd action. What would be the correct way to redirect to a custom view.edit? Or, where can I find the Id of the stamp action, in case this is a more correct way?

Hi @barbara.hoffmann,

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Did you created the views from Studio or by code?

Now just as an example when opening a record edit view, the URL defines the view, the module, and the record id. Check this sample

Hi, by code. How do I create views in the studio?

When you create modules from Studio, it comes with three standard views: Editview, DetailView and ListView.
Then you can customize by adding your custom fields. Later you can enhance functionality by adding java script via code.

When I create a custom module in the studio it does not create the views (edit, detail, list). Both in the module folder and in the custom / module folder.