Problem in SuiteCRM Installation

I am trying to install SuiteCRM on my ubuntu. I have done all the other work and now it is only left for installation. However, in the installation I faced a problem which is that the installation does not go forward and give the message “Verifying DB Credentials”.
I will attach the picture. Kindly tell me what to do.

Try host name as localhost

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I tried but it also did not work

What is your bind address in the my.cnf?

I would have expected localhost to work as default and the IP connection to be rejected if you haven’t modified your mysql instance.

Try looking here


the bind address by default is (localhost) If you want to allow external connections change that to your IP Address “” and restart mysql

sudo systemctl restart mysql-server

You will also need to create a user within mysql to allow the connection to be made on - using root creds is fine if you are in a development environment but wouldn’t recommend in production.

CREATE USER ‘noman’@‘’ IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY ‘changeme’;


I saw nothing as there. below is its picture.

Kindly provide with any other solution. As I should get this done before 4:00 of the clock here in Afghanistan.

It is to inform you guys that I successfully installed SuiteCRM.