Problem in report module

In report module I have several problem:

  1. There does not working Charts and Conditions . When I make charts It seems like screen 2 ( white space ).

Screen 1

Screen 2

In Conditions not work it does not get clicked.


  1. In report, one record contains several sub-records, due to which the main records get duplicated.
    For example : Project has several Project Tasks. When I output project tasks (if I have 3 tasks) and the project name gets duplicated as many times as the number of tasks in it (the project name is repeated three times). How can I fix this?

  1. In Home page, when I add dashlets , in list there is not Report module:

  2. Is there a way, in the report or on the main page, to display the existing in the projects module View Gantt

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About version:
Version 7.11.18
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

This sounds like the desired behaviour, if you tried the same in a db query, there would be three lines too (unless you do a group by on the project and some kind of aggregation for the tasks).

Thank you for your answer!

How can I make group by in Suitecrm? Is it possible by Conditions?

Can anyone help me? Report module working with too much delay. :frowning:


The main grouping will help but will not solve your issue

When creating the report tick the box group and select main group (fields panel)

You will still need ‘Project Name’ to be able to identify

1 - Charts

These work on a COUNT basis

For example

When creating a chart, manage your X axis and Y axis (Y is always the COUNT field)

Conditions work the same as adding fields

Once on the tab, select the module and the field you want to use as the condition

in my example using the Project > status

Scroll down to the bottom

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In “ADD DASHLETS” there is not report module. Can I add from somewhere? Also, in CHARTS - how to modify input data?

Thank you!


  1. Did you do Admin->Repair->Rebuild SuiteCRM Dashlets?
  2. Check the Role for the user if it isn’t admin.

Can you please explain in more detail what you mean

From my understanding if you want to modify the input data for a chart, you want a new report created with the new input fields

For example

Charts for Project and Project Tasks


Charts for Project grouped by Type

These would be 2 reports, with 2 charts for different input
You could then create a dashboard tab on homepage and add both charts to the page

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I did it but still same :frowning:


  1. Check the file for a reference to the AOR_Reports module:

if ‘NO’

  1. Check files for mistakes:
  • modules/AOR_Reports/Dashlets/AORReportsDashlet/AORReportsDashlet.php
  • custom/modules/AOR_Reports/Dashlets/AORReportsDashlet/AORReportsDashlet.php
  • custom/modules/AOR_Reports/metadata/dashletviewdefs.php