Price bug (invoices, quotes..)

Hello everyone,
I just downloaded and installed the SuiteCRM appliance without doing any customization to it, the problem i’m facing is, after creating a product and selecting it when creating an invoice, the price isn’t correct, also, whenever i click on ‘List’, ‘Sale Price’ or ‘Total’ it just keeps adding more and more 0s, am I missing some settings to modify?
Here’s a screenshot:

The price originally being: 75,00.
Thanks for any help provided!

If you navigate to Admin -> Locale
Here what have you set for 1000s Separator and Decimal Symbol ?

This is what i have:

And as i said, i didn’t touch any settings, so my guess would be that anyone installing the Appliance version (for virtualbox) will have this problem?
Even if i change the price on the ‘List’ textbox with ‘75’, as soon as i click somewhere else, it changes to 7,500,00 and the total, subtotal and grandtotal become: 750,000,00.

Ok i answered a bit too fast without seeing what were the values, I changed the 1000s separator for .
And now it works correctly! Thank you!