Preview of active and inactive employees

I encountered an unusual problem related to employees preview, link https://…/index.php?module=Employees&action=index

After adding a new user, after logging in for the first time, he sees the full list of active and inactive employees (even those employees who have the filter turned on, do not show the employee).
Has anyone encountered such a problem?

Applies to SuiteCRM 7.11.10

Can you test this on the live demo? This one allows admin access:

Have you made any changes to the Roles and security permissions?

I didn’t change anything in the source files, I only created security groups and permission profiles.

The strange thing is that when logging in as an administrator I can only see active users. A new employee drew attention to the current situation, showed that he sees all inactive as well (has the rights of a normal user)

My version of suiteCRM has been updated several times, from 7.10.10 to 7.11.10 a total of five times. I am planning to upgrade to 7.11.12 and see if anything changes.

I will also test at

I solved the problem, found the necessary information at

in the file: include/globalControlLinks.php

I restored “&query=true”

it was:
‘linkinfo’ => array($app_strings[‘LBL_EMPLOYEES’]=> ‘index.php?module=Employees&action=index’),

Now is:
‘linkinfo’ => array($app_strings[‘LBL_EMPLOYEES’]=> ‘index.php?module=Employees&action=index&query=true’),

Now only displays active employees.

So, that means that the fix on Github introduced a new problem… can you please post there, on that issue, explaining what happened to you and how you solved it? Thanks