Pre populate new lead object fields based on data in query param

I am new to SuiteCRM and want to check with community on best way to address this use case. We want to open a URL from a 3rd party tool that will have a lead phone number and name in query param. This should open SuiteCRM Create New Lead form and prepopulate these two fields. I see logic hooks for before-save; after_retrieve but did not see anything for my use case where I want to update UI elements based on query params.

I will really appreciate if someone can guide me in right direction. Thanks!

I would say the only good way to do that would be to create a custom Entry Point and call that with your URL. You would then take the query params and do a redirect in the code to open a new Lead. Some custom code would be requried in the Lead’s View file to populate your fields with the params.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. I will explore that route. Thanks again!!

As suggested, I was able to implement this via custom entry point. However, I have one quick question and will be great if you can please point me to right direction. If I am logged in, and use custom entry point URL, all works good. However, if I am not logged in to Suite CRM, and access that URL, it redirects to login screen as desired. But after login, it takes to Suite CRM home screen instead of custom entry point URL. I am not able to find a place where I can configure/code to redirect to custom entry point url after login.

Any help/pointers are highly appreciated.