Pre-filled info


When I create a new Contact within Accounts, how can I tell SuiteCRM to stop pre-filling the information into the primary address fields, namely:


I have many contact under an organization and they’re all across the country. I don’t need their address pre-filled that are based on parent’s primary address.



Create the Contact from Contacts module … select the account during create … you will then have the choice to use parent data or not

Hi I’ve tried what you suggested but as soon I picked out the organization for the contact, the parent data are immediately added to the primary address fields without asking.

Complete the address fields in the contact before you select the account

I can see the dialog now but it’s always overwriting the data that I have already manually added. The behaviour is the same when I clicked on either “OK” or “Cancel”.

Is there a way to disable the pre-fill behaviour completely? I usually use the quick create contact form when viewing an organization’s Accounts page.

Sometimes I don’t have all of the information so it doesn’t make sense that I need to enter something into the primary address fields before encountering a dialog to ask me about reusing the parent data.

I mean auto-fill not pre-fill

the behaviour is not the same… if you click cancel then save then the contact record is saved with the data you created specifically to that contact … it’s a good use case

yes, but you’re in custom code territory here. we build use cases for the core … you have what we would define as an edge case … the core works for most users …

I agree that the core works well in most case however for this situation, user should be given an option to disable the auto-fill behaviour completely if s/he wants to. We don’t want to unnecessarily populate our database with wrong or useless data. When I find a solution, I’ll post here.

Appreciate your assistance. Thanks.