postcode range in advanced filter wont produce choice of numbers

Hi, I added a dropdown in advanced filter. (there is already a postcode box avaiable in advanced filter, but it only accepts a single postcode - not a range. )
I have 10000 records in accounts.

With Suite CRM , I thought if I added a second field, with a dropdown, I could then choose from the dropdown , the selection “between” and then I would get an option to put the minimum postcode of say 2000, and then the maximum number say 2020 , then select “search” and I would see a list of all accounts with postcodes 2000 - 2020.

There are no boxes available, to put in the minimum or maximum postcodes.

If I go to tthe dashboard, and look under “All” then choose “opportunities” I can see the boxes dropdown after selecting "between, in “opportunities” filter. (adv)

But I want that to work in accounts, advanced filter.

If i just put 2000 into the “postal code” standard box , it will return a list of 78 accounts with the postcode 2000.

I read somewhere about editing the field , which is called in studio, but… when I go to studio, accounts , fields, I see I have made the following

Datatype: Dropdown.
postcode_range_c as the Field Name
Postcode Range as the Display Label
Dropdown list shows numeric_range_search_dom

There is a choice of blank, and between (I chose to have a blank in case I just wanted to use a single filter for on postcode, or choose the other field with a dropdown , if I wanted to choose a range.

Any ideas of how to achieve a working filter or a search for post code range?


You could do this with simple PHP custom code, but for a code-less solution try this:

  • create a custom field “postcode range”. This is hidden, you don’t have to show it any screen layout

  • make “on save” Workflows to run whenever the post code changes. This workflow (using calculated fields) will check the new postcode and set the appropriate range value in the custom field

  • now use that custom field to search ranges