Possible to use SuiteCRM for holiday rental ?

we would like to use suitecrm for renting out holiday cottages for all different clients for their cottages ,
so backend would be suitecrm with frontend showing cottages to book etc

is this possible ? would it cost a lot ?

The beauty of open source is that it can be customized without restrictions. Based on that I can say it is possible to customize it for your needs. How hard is it? What’s the cost? That will be based on the amount of customization required. One thing do, you’ll be surprised the amount of out-of-the-box modules and functionality SuiteCRM comes with. Just by changing some labels and adding some workflow, you’ll have a decent system soon.

If you want more complicated functionality, you can visit the store for dedicated modules.

To help you with your customization, you can contact Sales Agility or any other independent developer that is part of the community.

We can help you as well. Please send us an email to ctmprogra@ondsystems.com for more information.