possible to re-use subpanel or listview code outside of its "normal" use?

I’m currently modifying the quotes edit view and I’m adding a tabbed section that will give more information for the currently selected account. This will give the user the ability to view account information without having to leave the quote form. Anyways, I’ve got one tab for basic account info (which is easy to get), but my second tab will be sales history (line item data from AOS_Products_Quotes where parent_type=AOS_Invoices). Now, I’m thinking I have two options, either use something that is supplied by SuiteCRM out of the box (i.e. subpanels/listview or something else that I’m not aware of) or use some jquery grid plugin. Anyone else do something similar that has any suggestions? If the jquery plugin route is the best option, which one would you suggest (I’ve never used them)?

I went ahead with the jquery plugin jqxGrid from jQWidgets and it works quite well.