Portal Question

I don’t use Joomla, but I am curious about the Portal feature in SuiteCRM. Is the purpose of the portal to just act as a client facing help desk solution? Or does it do more?


We have Responsive customer support portal solution based on core PHP. You may try the demo here.

Thanks for the reply. I am not really looking for a solution. I was more curious about what it’s purpose was.

Yes but this is SugarCRM and not suiteCRM…and I dont get why you answer like this for this post. For me its more like a spam advert for your company

Its near the helpdesk concept (but not that great!)

Hello ssnobben,

For your reference it is SuiteCRM and not SugarCRM. The link is for reference for community to know the capability of portal. There is no way it appears as advertisement of our company, We rather see it as a better solution for those who really need it.

I think it could be used better with Marketing Automation with Joomla and Mautic integrated


Free open source

Joomla plg and integration

And if you need a simple ticket system you can integrated solution too