Portal 1.1.1 cannot see "Create Portal user" button


Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions you provide.

I’m running SuiteCrm Ver. 7.1.5
Portal V 1.1.1
Joomla V 3.2.7

I setup AOP in the admin menu in Suite CRM

I setup Advanced OpenPortal Settings in Joomla

When I go to a contact and drop down the edit menu, the option is not there to Create Portal User.

Not sure how to proceed.

Thanks so much!!!

Hi there,

Have you ensured the URL and username/password in Joomla point to the SuiteCRM instance and that the URL and username/password in SuiteCRM point to the Joomla instance?



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Thanks for the response. I have double checked the configuration. I don’t see any issues there. Are there any log files or error logs I can review?

Aso, both the portal and suite CRM are on different domain names, I’m sure this should still work but I figured it was worth noting.

Again, Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can offer.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Are you clicking on the actual contact and then selecting the edit menu? You need to check from the individual contact detail page, and not the main contacts view. I had this issue myself.