Populating Target List from Report


I’ve only just stated using SuiteCRM, so forgive me is this is a daft question (I’ve searched and searched, but keep hitting the same dead-end).

I’m trying to populate a Target List from a report, following the steps, below. However, the “Select from Reports” option does not appear to be available undet the actions dropdown (only the “Select” option appears.

Can someone please tell me what I’m missing or doing wrong? Thank you.


Steps I’m following are below:

Select From Reports
You can run a report on Accounts, Contacts, Leads, or Targets and add the report results to a target list. The steps below will go over using an Accounts report to add results to a default target list as an example.

Hover over the Target Lists module and select “View Target Lists” or simply click the Target Lists tab.
Choose your Default-type target list from the Target Lists list view.
Choose “Select from Reports” from the Actions dropdown menu in the Accounts subpanel.

In the Reports popup list view, you will see the list of reports based on the Accounts module. Select the report you would like to add to the target list.

Once the report has been selected, you will see the account records from the report results within the Accounts subpanel of your target list.

These are screen shots from paid for versions of SugarCRM, this is not SuiteCRM.

If you need to add report results to a target list in SuiteCRM, use the ‘Add to Target List’ option.




Thanks for the clarification. I’ll do that.

Actually, one of the issues I have when googling how to do things in SuiteCRM, is google almost invariably takes me to SugarCRM-based articles and, as a newbie, I’m never sure if they’re applicable (most are) as I don’t yet know the differences between the two - apart from cost, a difference which I am extremely greatful for :wink:


I’m trying to follow your method to populate a target list from the report, however the target list is not at all populated with the data I see in the report.
I create a report selecting accounts with the following Conditions:
Accounts - Industry - Equal to - Value - “my industry”

The Fields I’ve selected to my report are:

Accounts : Contacts First Name
Accounts : Contacts Last Name
Accounts : Contacts : Email Address

The reports shows all the contacts that I want with correct E-mail addresses. Altogether 417 contact persons.

Now I select “Edit - Add to Target List” and select my target list the list that I see in my report is not brought to the Target list.
Instead of Contacts the Accounts section is populated with 72 accounts and the E-mail addresses of those accounts.

Shouldn’t it be so, that whatever I can see in the report will be Added to the target list?

I can’t run any E-mail campaigns until I solve how to get Contacts from the selected accounts to the Target list.

I have not found any way to get E-mail addresses from all contacts of selected Accounts to my E-mail campaign.

I hope you can help me to sort out this problem.

Best regards,


Found the problem myself.
I should have selected Contacts as the report module, not accounts.
Result looks the same, but Import does not…

You can forget my post above.