plugins help---can you help


new to suitecrm-- just installed—

i have tried RT telephony plugin-- 2 way text not working-- who knows good true plugin for twillo ? that is free?
any open source plugins that are legit? where are they located?
also-- can you tell me the following:
how do i add a map google on the contact and or account /lead record?

how can i find people to advertise to on facebook or google?
where are the best places to learn good and cheap /free marketing plug ins

i have had NO luck–finding a good dev- that is able to do a cron-- this could be why 2 way (inbound sms not working) as far as my rt telephony plugin (inside 30 day trial) not working-can you tell me if there are permissions? or what module these must be called from?

any good true call center plug ins?

bottom line-- we are a call center—that needs to email…sms and call contacts/leads/accounts ----do u have any recommendation?

i need all of the pointers—tips—advise you can get–

In order to obtain help you should first tell the forum at least the version of SuiteCRM that you have installed and the Operating System on which you have installed it. Add also PHP version and web server.

Before looking at plugins you should first aim at:

. installing correctly SuiteCRM
It is not a matter of just running the installation script. You will probably have to do some preparatory work before so I recommend that you read the installation instructions.

Some of the most important things that most people ignore when installing is setting the right permissions to the filesystem, to system users and groups and to your crontab entry for SuiteCRM.
(Search the forum: there are hundreds of posts on permissions)
You may also read this:
… and since you are on @pgr’s blog, have a look at the other articles too!

If you don’t get these right from the beginning the system will be faulty.

. getting acquainted with the system
Not just navigating but also how you manage it, the way it is built, how to customise it. SuiteCRM is a complex system so, if you are looking to implement all those add-ons that you have mentioned, even if they are supplied by paid (or free) third parties I believe that it is highly recommended that you understand a little bit of how the system works. It will be important to protect your data.
If you are not a technical person then, since you want to customise it quite a bit, you should look for a good professional who will be able to assist you.

With respect to add-ons you may start looking at the official SuiteCRM Store:

If you don’t find what you are looking for in the official store you will have to search on the internet. There are many developers who have their own plugins. Many of these plugins were initially developed for SugarCRM CE and are still compatible with SuiteCRM. However you will have to verify the compatibility first.

I am new to add-on/plugins for SuiteCRM. Are there any plugins available that are opensource or free? I don’t mind buying the ones that prove out, but 30 days is not going to bring my staff up to speed quickly enough to test SuiteCRM, much less warrant such expensive plugins. Thank you either way. Larry